And so the Journey begins..

I saw my oncologist yesterday morning. To be honest the way my surgeon was talking Chemo was not a foregone conclusion and so I didn’t really know what I was expecting – but I am going to have Chemo again. 6 cycles in total and hormone treatment after that. No mention of radiotherapy but I am not ruling that out either at the moment!

My oncologist was a lovely woman and very empathetic – so refreshing as they must have to be so hardened to their emotions that they can almost come across as being insensitive and uncaring. But not mine. I knew I was going to lose my hair again as the first part of the treatment has the same drug as before – as my oncologist said “my old friend”. But when she said it out loud I got upset and cried. I haven’t cried at all really through this whole thing so far. I am strong – I beat it once and I will do so again – but losing your hair is so visual and I just find that bit really hard to deal with. My oncologist got me tissues and put both her hands round mine and said “I’m so sorry” – which made me cry even more!! Any way – it is what it is and I will deal with it and I know it will grow back. On a positive side my eldest daughter is quite looking forward to choosing my wig for me – yes – for me!! God knows what she will pick! Keep a look out for photos!

I know that I seem to be making comparisons a lot and don’t mean to be flippant or to come across as if I know it all.  I so definitely don’t know anything really. I can only compare what is happening to me this time as to what happened 13 years ago. It’s a bit of preparation for what can happen but this time my Cancer is so different and not at all linked or the same. But to have this disease once is bad enough so to have it for a second just seems so unreal, so unfair and I can’t believe that I am going to go through it all again.  Are these thoughts selfish? Unrealistic? Inappropriate? – Perhaps.

My oncologist said my chemo would probably start in February to allow me a couple more weeks to recover – however, I got a phone call today to say that my first chemo is next Thursday 25th January. I am having a PICC line inserted on Wednesday 24th January as I have had lymph removal on both sides. How do I feel? – I’m worried, a bit scared of the procedure and the fact that it is going to be in situ for 6 months is a little worrying. Has anyone else had a PICC line? How did you manage? How did you shower?!

So it’s full steam ahead and Chemo should hopefully be finished by the end of May early June.

10 thoughts on “And so the Journey begins..

  1. Brave brave lady. How selfless of you to share what youre going through. This is, as you said, so unfair. You’ll have an army of people behind you to push you along, walking beside you so you dont feel alone and in front of you to keep you going. God bless you. You’ll be in my prayers. I’m sure your wig will be awesome xx stay strong x

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  2. Loving the blog Ali – we might live next door, but don’t see each other often. Keep positive, you are one strong lady. Shout if we can do anything ? Xx

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    1. Thanks Fi. Hopefully it will also help someone else out there. It’s winter time and we all sort of hibernate! But thanks for your kind thoughts and I will see you soon. xx


  3. Dearest Ali. I have just read this beautiful, brave piece of writing. You are amazing. Your thoughts are not selfish, unrealistic or inappropriate- you are just being honest. You are in my heart, thoughts and prayers. Sending you all my love and hugs ❤️

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  4. Wow. You are so brave Ali, such truthfulness in how you are feeling and honesty. A great blog and we’re wishing you all the best and right behind you.

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  5. I know loosing your hair is a big thing, but it will regrow and you really did look amazing without any last time and I think you really suit short hair anyway x
    Thinking of you 💐

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  6. My strong, brave friend, you are an inspiration. I’m sure writing about your experiences will help many people in different ways. You know how I didn’t deal with it the 1st time, hopefully this will help me understand what you’re going through. Lots of love & hugs xx

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