The PICC Line Saga….

I know I haven’t posted anything for a while but to be honest sometimes there isn’t anything to say. Life goes on regardless and it doesn’t stand still for anyone – me included.

What is a PICC line? – It stands for a ‘peripherally inserted central venous catheter’ which helps to administer treatment such as chemotherapy, intravenous antibiotics or taking blood etc. more easily over an extended period of time.

I was scared and anxious and to be honest it’s the fear of the unknown. I spoke to a friend who has also had a PICC line and whilst this made me feel a little easier I was still scared.

So – what happened? I met the specialist nurse who explained everything that was going to happen. I’m not going to lie I did have a few tears – I’m such a scaredy cat but I quickly got over it and got on with it!! I was worrying way more than I needed to be! The nurses were fab and the worse part was the local anesthetic injection which was fairly stingy.

During the procedure I was reclined on what I likened to a dentist chair. They used my right arm and that was out to the side. I of course lay there with my eyes firmly shut! Whilst the PICC line was being inserted I heard the nurse say “are you alright?” and then she said it again. I opened my eyes to look in the direction of where my husband was sat and his head was between his knees!! I smiled and closed my eyes again! He apologised to the nurse and after a moment or so he said he needed to lie on the floor as he thought he may pass out. He kept apologising all the time and said he felt really embarrassed. I am not taking the mickey out of him and I know that people can find things like this very uncomfortable and it affects everyone in different ways but to me it was a moment of amusement and a little thought of it would have to happen to us!! It lightened the situation of what I was going through even though he could have passed out!! He didn’t! As he was lying on the floor he said quite loudly “Ali are you OK?” and my response was “I’m fine love”.

The nurse said to me that it was all finished and that I had done very well!! My husband was sat on the chair again but he was grey in colour and as I got up he said he was going to pass out again so they got him onto the ‘dentist’ chair and raised his legs. I sorted myself out, put my jumper on, my coat on and sat in the chair that was originally for him! After a few minutes he was ready to get up and leave and we thanked the nurses for looking after both of us!!

On a serious note I am not trying to make him look like a fool or to make fun of him. He is my rock; such an amazing supportive person and I love him very much but I know that he can find some things like this difficult. It can’t be nice watching what was happening to me in order for the doctor’s to administer my chemo more easily which will help save my life and he can do nothing to help me, make me feel any more secure or take away any of my anxieties or fears.

All too often the main focus can be on the patient and what they are going through, but this time I am much more aware of what my family might be feeling and what they might be going through. Of course I won’t know for sure as they will try and protect me and say that everything is fine. Communication is so important – not just at times likes this but in everyday life – to help us with our work colleagues, our bosses, our husbands/wives or family and friends. Don’t leave it and think everything is OK. Relationships of all kind need communication and cooperation.



2 thoughts on “The PICC Line Saga….

  1. Well done on your Picc line Ali!! How brave!! I have been thinking about you xx Hey, your message of the importance of communication came at just the right time, so thank you. As you are going through such a difficult time, you are helping others xx Stay strong and God bless you x

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