Another week on..

Yesterday was 5 weeks since my operation and 13 days since my first chemo.

How do I feel? – Surprising OK!  I haven’t felt sick nor have I been sick. Injections weren’t too bad thanks to my daughter and now I start the mental preparation for chemo session 2 next week.

So far my hair hasn’t started coming out – but in preparation for that I decided to get my hairdresser/friend to cut me quite short. She has done a fabulous job and I am really pleased with it. The compliments I have had and how much it suits me is a real boost but I know that it wont be for long. Another few days and I will start to see a change. So here are the pics. No1- New Years Eve and No 2 Friday 2nd February.

Ali New Years 2017   New hair cut 2018 (2)

This is so strange for me as most of my life I have always had really short hair and now that it is short again I find it strange to see myself like this. I don’t think this will make much sense to anyone!! But it is something I cant really put in to words.

On a different note I had to make the hardest decision that any pet owner has to make and after Nina being so very poorly since the beginning of January we said our final goodbyes on Tuesday. She was so loved and is so missed already. Sleep tight Nina. XX

Nina at 7 weeks old    Nina!!


Well – so far 2018 has been a pretty shitty year!! But on a good note I have gone back to work and it’s great to be able to take back control of part of my life. The girls at work have been so supportive even though I have only been there a few months.

This journey that I am taking is full of many twists and turns, ups and downs. Some are good and some not so good. But each and every one of us is on a journey and many of you can choose which path to follow. My path has been chosen for me so it is the one that I have to follow, and I will see it through to the end. (God – that sounds a bit morbid!! Sorry!!)

Inspirational quote for the day!

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4 thoughts on “Another week on..

  1. Your short hair reminds me of how you looked when I first met you…I was SO jealous of your haircut!!!! (My dad was still in his ‘thou shalt have long hair’ phase if you remember 😂)

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