Back on track..

Today is just over six weeks since my operation and 11 weeks since I was diagnosed.

I had my heart scan on Friday and my heart is working and functioning very well and at about 63%. Apparently your heart doesn’t work to 100%. Don’t really understand that. An athletes heart works at 65% and above – so get me!! I nearly have the heart of an athlete!!

So thankfully all is ok and we are back on track. Blood tests on Thursday so hopefully my iron levels wont have dropped any more and I wont need a transfusion and further delays. Chemo No 2 scheduled on Friday morning so at the moment only 1 week delayed. These things happen and have to be expected.

And now I start the mental preparation for cycle no 2. Knowing what is to come and having all that toxic liquid roaming around my body again and the following injections for a week. This makes it real. This reminds you that you have Cancer. This reminds you what a bastard of a disease this is and what you have to go through to make you ‘better’.  Will I be well this time like I was after my first session or will I have more of a reaction? I don’t know but I hope I am OK. I will deal with whatever happens as it happens.

On a slightly lighter note one of my chemo drugs is bright pink. I mean fluorescent!! This is called Epirubicin and it is the drug that makes my hair fall out.  It makes your wee bright pink as well!! It was quite a shock!! Just wanted to put that out there!! (Sorry – was that oversharing? – probably!!)

Update on the hair front! – it’s definitely on its way out!! I dread looking in the mirror each morning to see how much more has gone. You can see my head now and my hair is very thin. My head is sore and when I touch it, it feels like someone is sticking a hundred needles into my head! (needless to say I don’t touch it very often!) I have cried but there is nothing I can do to stop it, I’ve accepted it now and it’s time to move on! These pictures don’t quite show it in reality – it is much thinner but it gives you an idea.




I wore my turban this weekend when I was out and about and my eldest said I looked cute!! I will wear my wig for the first time to work tomorrow. I just hope I can put it on properly!! I haven’t tried to do it yet so could be interesting first thing tomorrow morning!! Wig pictures will follow (hopefully!!)


Image may contain: 1 person, close-up







This week is pretty quiet with nothing much happening until Thursday, so I will post again on Friday and let you know how my 2nd lot of chemo goes. Thanks for reading and your comments of support and love. It really does mean a lot. xxx


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