A well deserved break

After my last chemo finished I decided to take a break and go and see my Mummy Flo, sister Shelley, brother-in-law Glenn and nephew Will in Paphos for a week. (2 weeks after my treatment). I hadn’t seen them for 3 years, which is way too long. I speak to them every week and more so during this journey, but its not the same as seeing them face to face.

I was about an hour delayed but it was so nice to see Shelley, Glenn and Will waiting for me. Glenn, my brother-in-law has had throat cancer in the last 2 years and still has regular check-ups. It was so good to see him looking so well.

We shared a few tears and set of to see mum at home. It was a lovely reunion and we laughed, cried and talked about everything that had happened to our family over the past couple of years. Their weather was warm but during that day they had had thunder and lightning! I’d left a sunny Bristol!!

The next couple of days were a bit overcast but warm and gradually towards the end of the week it was a very hot and sweaty 41° with 80% humidity!! Way to hot for me to sunbathe!!  We had a lovely time but by Wednesday I  thinks things were catching up with me – the travel, heat, late nights etc and had a couple of ropey days. I think I maybe went over a bit too soon, and should have given myself a bit more recovery time but it was great to see them all and I did have a lovely relaxing time.

So – to the journey home.. !!!

In a nutshell my flight was 2 hours delayed to begin with and nobody had a clue what was going on! The majority of British flights were delayed and the airport was heaving. When it came to boarding no-one knew where to go, what flight was where, there was no communication. We eventually got on our plane and left almost 3 1/2 hours late. I eventually landed in Bristol at 4.20 a.m. Cyprus time (2.20 a.m.) and got back to my house at 3.00 a.m. U.K time. I had been travelling for 11 hours. I was knackered and slept very well!!

So my weeks holiday was at an end!

This week marks 30 weeks since I found my lump, 28 weeks since my diagnosis and 23 weeks since my operation.

Me and my Mummy xx
Me and my sister Shelley xx
Me and my nephew William xx






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