The week of my Port placement..

Isn’t it funny how something can completely take over your life and you can become so engrossed in it that you can lose who you are? Well that is what this week has become – I am still that cancer patient so wrapped up in everything that is going on, that needs to be done, sorted and organised that I have become lost. Who am I? Where am I?

My port placement had to be postponed because I got an infection but thankfully it was done on Saturday morning. I was a bit nervous but not as much as I thought I would be. Perhaps the fact that it had to be postponed just made me think lets get it done and out of the way. Another box ticked. I was having local anaesthetic and sedation. To be honest I don’t think they gave me any sedation at all!! After the first lot was given the consultant performing the procedure asked if I was feeling more relaxed and I said ‘eh not really!!’. So they gave me some more and then another dose before the port was inserted. I didn’t feel sleepy or anything but it did go better than I expected it and it wasn’t too uncomfortable. They monitored me for an hour or so in my own private room. Lunch was a beautiful wholefoods salad with a peppermint tea! They certainly know how to look after you.


So I felt okay and headed home. On a happy note my sister arrived from Cyprus that evening for the week and it was so lovely to see her and for her to see me feel and look so well at the start of this journey. It is always so hard when you are so far away from each other and you only have the phone for contact. So I have had some time to relax and catch up with my sister and am now in preparation for my first chemo tomorrow. So I will update you all as to how it goes.





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