51 and counting!..

So I celebrated my 51st Birthday in May. My girls are now 26 and 23 and my first granddaughter Raya was born 3 weeks ago (7/8/21). When did I become old enough for all this to happen?!!! I still feel young and in fact only recently did Neil say to me ‘You’ve never grown up have you?!’ due to a comment I made!!

Welcome Raya Allie Short

I am 51 years young and I am meant to be doing a skydive from 10,000 feet! Unfortunately due to weather predictions it has now been rebooked for the 3rd time on 24th September (hopefully!!). I am raising money for Penny Brohn UK (www.pennybrohn.org.uk). Thank you so much to all those who have donated – and if you haven’t yet and want to help me raise funds for a brilliant local Cancer support charity then please go to my Just Giving Page. (www.justgiving.com).

So what else is new?! We have a new puppy dog – Winston! He is absolutely adorable – he was the biggest puppy of the litter and he has huge paws so he is going to be quite a big springer! But he climbed into my knees and that was it. So welcome Winston! He is now 16 weeks old and very leggy!!

So what’s new with me? – After my last PET scan i have 2 active tumours and had 3 dormant ones in my liver. The 3 dormant ones have disappeared – which is fantastic news, and one of the active ones has reduced in size which again is also really good news. The other one has grown, so I had an ultrasound scan to plan cyberknife which is directed radiotherapy to the tumour. The radiographer said to me that if he didnt know my history he would say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my liver! So I waited 6 weeks and just had another PET scan. I have my results on Thursday next week to see what the plan is. I am always anxious around scan times but I am more nervous this time, how can two tumours show up on one scan and not another to the point I’ve been told my liver looks completely healthy and normal! I am still on oral chemo and herceptin. Fingers crossed it will be positive news. Watch this space!!

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend. Another blog is following shortly.

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