Good-bye 2019, Welcome 2020


Today was my last treatment of 2019 and a few weeks off until my next one.  Another year is almost at an end. Where did 2019 go?! And like many of us this is the time to reflect on what has happened throughout the year. Reflecting on the good, and the not so good; the things that help shape us in to the people we are. As we say good bye to 2019 we place a full stop and turn the page in to 2020, not only a new year but a new decade. We begin a new chapter and look forward to our journey ahead and making many new memories.

As I reflect on what 2019 has been to me it sure has been a roller coaster of a year, but it hasn’t just been all about my battle. I have said a sad goodbye to some friends but also welcomed new ones in to this world. I have met some fabulously inspirational women who are fast becoming friends and I have been overwhelmed by the kindness, love and generosity of people. I count myself a very lucky woman.

And so as my 2019 draws to an end I don’t have any regrets and I don’t feel bitter. I look back and see how far my family and I have travelled and I am hugely proud of them and how they have all dealt with what we face together as a family. I look forward to the next chapter – what will it bring?

I hope you all have a very Happy New Year whatever you may be doing. God bless you all and I will see you in 2020.

Wave a goodbye to the old and embrace the new; Full of hope, dreams and ambitions.



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