It’s a Mad World ….

2020 is under way and spring is beginning to raise its head. You can see the spring flowers appearing and a little glimmer of sunshine giving us the promise of warmer weather to come – but – our lives have been turned upside down and we are in a period of uncertainty and uneasiness.

It is at times like these that you see the best in people but we also see the worst and definitely over the last few days and weeks we are definitely seeing the worst in some. I don’t need to go into detail for we all know we can’t get toilet roll, eggs, paracetamol among many other daily products! Why oh why have people started panic buying? There is no need and their unthinking and selfishness causes panic in others who then try to get essentials – but can’t – and so it goes on. These greedy, selfish people have no consideration for others, and it is the vulnerable and elderly who are suffering the most.

Government guidelines advice social distancing, so why are people still congregating or crowds gathering for example along sea fronts today because the sun has come out?  If people do not heed the advice of the Government to not go out and reduce social interaction the UK could become the next country to go in to total lock down. THIS IS NOT A GAME.

Now I am going to be completely honest but until recently I didn’t really ‘get it’. I joked that I must be living on a different planet! I have been so strong and determined to fight and win against my cancer and because of this mentality I thought no ‘virus’ is going to get me either, but reality sets in for all of us eventually. I am a little concerned – but I am following the guidelines and it has been a difficult decision but I will now be working from home. Of course I don’t want to  but I don’t want to become ill either and so this was a hard decision – and not because I am being selfish or naive but out of a concern for my colleagues who still have to continue in the office. But I am heeding advice and I have everything I need to work from home so we shall see how things go.

My youngest daughter however does not have that luxury as she continues to work tirelessly for the NHS distributing and managing the ambulances on our roads. She has my complete admiration for how hard she and her colleagues work, working long shift continuing to support the vulnerable and by god it is not any easy job. So these greedy, selfish people should spare a thought for the NHS workers who are helping look after YOU when you need them – and that time may be sooner than you think.

Please stay safe and look after one another.




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